12-year-old artist makes pictures that are so realistic, people doubt she really did it

12-year-old artist makes photos that are so realistic

News reporters sent an interviewer to talk to an art prodigy named Isabella Brazhnikova, also known as Isabella Clever in the art world. She is a 12-year-old artist who started sketching at the age of four.

She became famous through her drawings which appear to be photos at first glance. Drawing makes her happy, proud, and unique, she tells the interviewer. Her passion is animals and wildlife.

Through her art she wants to show people how beautiful wildlife is, and that it should be protected and loved. She mentions that she especially loves wildcats, and refers to her style as hyperrealism. It is a blending of various different colors.

12-year-old artist makes photos that are so realistic

Isabella says to the interviewer that it isn’t as hard as it looks. People didn’t believe she made the pictures she showed so she created accounts on Instagram and Tiktok to prove herself.

She started taking commissions but stopped when she got too busy. Elena Esina, her mom, talked about how proud she was of her daughter. She was an artist as well.

Her mother taught her the basics and Isabella could do so much at a young age with standard materials, so she wanted to see what she could do with professional paints.

Ever since then she’s been making art. Each piece takes an average of twenty hours to make. After seeing her art online, no one had any doubts about her anymore.

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