A 12 year-old girl’s singing puppets take “America’s Got Talent” by storm

Singers, dancers, comedians, and other performers dream of landing a spot on “America’s Got Talent,” and competing for fame and a million-dollar top prize. Who advances to the next round and who gets the hook is decided by a panel of celebrity judges, but members of the audience (live and at home) get to vote on who they think did best.

Season twelve’s finale saw 52 million votes pour in, giving you some idea of just how popular the show is. It all came down to a contest between two remarkably talented young ladies: 10 year-old Angelica Hale from Atlanta and 12 year-old Darci Lynne Farmer from Oklahoma.

Angelica has an incredible singing voice, especially for someone so young. Her rendition of David Guetta’s “Without You” was a real show-stopper. But it was Darci Lynne who ended up the winner, thanks to her amazing skill as a ventriloquist. Her ability to bring her puppets to life, speaking and singing, was stunning. The whole time, even when belting out high-energy songs, Darci Lynne’s lips were absolutely motionless. Her performances began with some comedy and then got down to the business of music. Over the course of the competition, she introduced a series of new puppet characters, most memorably Oscar (who had a crush on Mel B) and Edna the saucy granny who had Simon blushing like a schoolgirl. The was music by George Gershwin, the Jackson Five, Aretha Franklin, and the Beatles. From the very first round, Darci Lynne’s well-planned and brilliantly executed performances had the judges in awe.

When Tyra Banks announced that Darci Lynne was the winner, Angelica was a good sport and came over to give her a hug. It’s not every 10 year-old who would be so classy! Check out the video of the award ceremony posted below.

This amazing 12 year-old stole our hearts and left the judges in shock with her talent. We’d love to hear what you thought in the comments at Facebook. Please like and share: that’s a great way to congratulate Darci Lynne on her well-deserved victory!