12-Year-Old Pianist Melts Hearts With Original Song

Many times, people with developmental disorders or medical issues can experience depression and a lack of motivation. Thanks to a 12-year-old boy who auditioned on America’s Got Talent, viewers of all walks of life are inspired to chase after their dreams.

Jacob Velazquez walks onto the stage of America’s Got Talent, looking like a little rockstar. His headband over his long hair and his blue and black plaid shirt makes him look like the coolest kid in town.

The 12-year-old hopeful shows the judges his vision board and tells them about how he has PDD-NOS. He describes it as something similar to Aspbergers with the addition of a speech impediment. Jacob doesn’t let his disability stop him from chasing after his musical dreams.

He starts his audition by playing a jaw-dropping original song on the piano. With a red curtain behind him, the judges stay curious about what it could be hiding. Before his audition is over, he steps away from the piano and plays a smashing drum cover of Fall Out Boy’s hit song, “Centuries.”