12-year-old ventriloquist in the AGT final – what she does next is mesmerizing

Darci Lynn became a household name in the US after she first appeared on America’s Got Talent, wowing judges and audience members alike with her incredible talent. Do you remember her act? She caught everyone by surprise with her skills as a ventriloquist.

The 12-year-old ventriloquist wanted to bring back the historic art-form that was thought to be dead and buried. So, she practised day and night to get as good as she is today and that must have been some amount of practice! Darci has been fascinated with ventriloquism from a young age and made it her mission to bring it back to a whole new audience. And she has certainly done that!

In a competition usually dominated by singers and dancers, little Darci stormed through to the AGT finals with her alternative routine, and her performances have delighted the nation. Her act involves a hilarious comedy set with one of her two puppets; Petunia the rabbit or Oscar the mouse, before she throws her voice in song – arguably one of the hardest skills to master. This time for the grand finale, she’s brought both of them along at the same time! How is she going to manage it?

Darci does it with aplomb, making it look easy, but it will leave you wondering how on earth she’s pulled it off! She introduces her first number – the appropriately titled track “With A Little Help from My Friends,” written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Without missing a beat, Petunia comments; “that’s funny, a mouse and a bunny singing a song written by two beetles!”

The AGT talent audience is in hysterics – as are the judges, but we’re all waiting to see if she can actually do this with her two fluffy companions. When she starts singing (sorry – when the puppets start singing) you’re not going to believe your ears! We’d be really impressed if she could do both Oscar and Petunia at the same time though!

Needless to say, Darci gets a standing ovation from the whole theatre and goes on to take the coveted AGT crown and win the hearts of everyone watching at home. On this performance, you have to say it was extremely well deserved and it’s going to be very exciting to see what Darci does in the future. If she can’t make it as a ventriloquist – she’s got a career in singing for sure!