12-year old ventriloquist’s puppet is in love with Mel B. How he shows it is breath-taking

Darci Lynne owned the stage the last time she performed for America’s Got Talent judges, rightly earning the coveted golden buzzer for her fantastic presence and performance. Now she’s back to give us more! When I watched this video, I had very high hopes. Last time I saw her act, I had gotten blown away by her awesome and original performance. Would she be able to top that off?

The 12-year-old brought the house down with her brilliant best as she yet again displayed the kind of talent that got her here in the first place. Former spice girl and judge favourite Mel B was so impressed the first time Darci wowed audiences with her skills, that the young ventriloquist wanted to replay her with this new routine. Mel B was about to get more than she bargained for!

Darci has been hooked on the art and skill of ventriloquism since an even younger age and has a strong passion for this oft-forgotten performance art form. She fell in love with it so much that she wanted to bring it back, introducing it to new audiences – and she’s going the right way about it! Darci practised all day every day until she had developed the incredible skill you can see in the video below, and was ready to take on the best of America’s Got Talent with her own, undoubtable skill.

Only this time, Darci has something special lined up for the audiences – and one judge in particular. Watch Mel B’s reaction when Darci’s new puppet – a mouse by the name of Oscar – declares his undying love for the AGT judge! The crowd totally loses it too! This was the first time Oscar would make his wit and charm known to the AGT crown, and he would not leave anyone disappointed, especially Mel B.

And little Oscar isn’t fazed at all when Darci suggests there might be a problem with him being a mouse and Mel B being a human. “I didn’t think that would be an issue. I mean, Heidi was married to a Seal.”

The audience erupts – as does fellow judge Heidi Klum – who was married to British singer-songwriter Seal for 9 years. The youngster’s comedy routine is on point as she then astounds the watching masses by bursting into a song dedicated to Mel B! Her ability to sing through ventriloquism is simply incredible and demands to be seen. This is one AGT contestant who has a seriously bright future!