12-year-old writes letter to Santa – what he asked for and what happened next is beautiful

Writing a letter to Santa Claus as a child is one of the best things about Christmas, especially if it gets answered! Usually, youngsters will request the latest toy, a flashy new pair of sneakers, a bike, or all three! And whether they’ve been good or bad that year, off the important correspondence will go – winging its way to the North Pole! But occasionally, not every child asks for toys, gifts and material things – and that’s exactly what happened when this adorable request was discovered at a school in Channelview, Texas.

12-year-old Arnulfo Guerra Jr. had penned this extraordinary letter, asking not for a new bike, but for a heart transplant for his sick mom.
His mother was ill and she had been on the waiting list for a new heart for some time. In his touching letter, all he asks is that his mom be healthy and happy – because he “needs her for many years more.”

“Dear Santa. I believe in you and the miracles, Santa I don’t want toys for me, only I want a [healthy] heart for my mom, she’s sick, her diagnostic is transposition of the great [arteries] (T.G.A). I’m sad for her she’s 46 years and me only 12, next March 18 I will be 13 teens, we need her for many years more, I and my Dad pray all days for mom. Only I want to see my mom [healthy] and happy.”

When social workers got hold of his heartfelt letter they passed it onto the local fire department, who were so moved by Arnulfo’s words they just had to get involved. And while it wasn’t quite possible to make the boy’s wish come true right away, the kind-hearted souls decided to turn up unannounced at his home with some special gifts for a special young man!

“It was pretty heartwarming,” said Fire Captain Justin Wischnewsky. “All he wanted for Christmas was for his mom to be okay. It’s gut-wrenching … there are good kids out there. We said, ‘There’s not a whole lot we can do, but let’s try and make this the best Christmas ever for him.”

Don’t miss this touching story that will tug your heartstrings and watch the video below of the fire department arriving at Arnulfo’s family home. We can but hope that Santa responds to his real Christmas wish and that his mom has a successful heart transplant as soon as possible.