13-week-old makes debut appearance as the world’s youngest meteorologist

Toddler debut appearance as meteorologist

Watching the morning news is something that Americans routinely do while preparing for their days. One of the most critical segments in the morning is the weather forecast.


She was joined by her favorite little meteorologist in training, her daughter Fiona, for one Milwaukee meteorologist. Fiona is just a 13-week-old newborn.

Staying in the shot for the entire report, Fiona does an excellent job being on T.V. Her mother, Rebecca, gets a perfect opportunity to point out that Fiona did not have her hair done and has a bedhead from her nap.

Toddler debut appearance as meteorologist

The reporting from the greenscreen in her own home is the actual reality of working from home. Sometimes it means that your child might end up on live T.V.

Rebecca finds excellent ways to make this forecast fun. She even points out that her baby is wrapped up in her favorite blanket, preparing her for the soon-to-come cold weather.

Toddler debut appearance as meteorologist

Seeing the baby on the morning forecast was a welcomed surprise for the viewers in Milwaukee. Rachel explains that she’s received many calls and emails from people saying how much they loved it.

With the pandemic changing how we work, people have had to get creative. Sometimes this may mean bringing your baby on your forecast report, and that’s completely okay with everyone.

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13-week-old makes debut appearance as the world\'s youngest meteorologist