This 13-Year-Old Boy Wants To Run Away, Then Asks The Police Officer To Look Inside His Bedroom

People sometimes think that the police are only there to handle calls for violence, fights or murders. But there are some calls that are not related to this kind of things. Policemen sometimes act as psychologists, counselors, or simply lend a hand to people who need to talk to someone. This is the case of this boy, who was only 13 years old, and who was going through a difficult situation to face.

During a normal workday, this officer from South Carolina answered an emergency call from a 13-year-old boy. The boy told the officer that he was desperate to run away from home. Immediately, the police knew that there was a major problem, and that there must be some situation behind their desire to leave his house. For this reason, the officer named Acerra wanted to investigate the case more deeply.  This kid’s mom was having serious economic problems, they had moved to this new place to help a sick family member, but then, things got even more complicated. For this reason, Cameron did not even have a bed to sleep on.

After hearing the boy tell his story, the police officer talked to him about life, and taught Cameron that he had many reasons to stay at home, that it was important to have a roof to live on. The officer did some more things for Cameron.

This story touched the officer´s heart who days later gave Cameron and his mother a big surprise. The officer took care of collecting things for them, and got an entire bedroom furnished for the boy. Even got a TV, a Wii, a nice desk and a chair for the kid. He also got furniture for Cameron’s brother.

The officer gave a reason to this boy to want to stay at home. Cameron and his mother wept for joy and gratitude to the officer. This beautiful story has been shared around the world thousands and thousands of times. Watch the touching video and tell us what you think. Do not forget to leave your comments. We love to know your thoughts!

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