13-year-old called cops because he wanted to run away – this officer’s response is incredible

Child poverty in the US is a real thing and people need to be made more aware of it – especially when it comes to comparing ourselves to other countries. For some reason, we think we’re doing pretty good here – but hundreds of thousands of young people like 13-year-old Cameron Simmons are living in poor conditions, without the necessary support to thrive and basic needs fulfilled. We need to open our eyes!

Cameron was at his wits end when he telephoned the police department and insisted he wanted to run away. He’d been in a fight with his mom, and officer Gaetano Acerra was dispatched to the residence to see if he could be of any assistance. What he learned when he arrived was truly shocking.

With Cameron’s mom seriously struggling financially after moving from Texas to South Carolina to care for a sick relative (don’t even get us started on the state of our healthcare) Officer Acerra couldn’t believe what he saw when he went into the young man’s bedroom. He basically saw nothing. There wasn’t even a bed for Cameron to sleep on, and what little belongings the teenager had – they were all stuffed in trash bags.

Ordinarily, that might have been the end of the call out, as there was little the officer could do. But not on Gaetano Acerra’s watch! He knew that he had to step in a do something for the youngster – because he couldn’t keep living in those conditions.

So Acerra made some calls and put the word out, and the community responded. People rallied around officer Acerra and Cameron, and donated a full bed set, desk and TV, as well as a games console that one kind-hearted individual gave up for the family! Officer Acerra even went as far as providing a full bedroom set for Cameron’s brother – and donated an air-hockey table!

Now, not only does Cameron no longer sleep on the floor – he sleeps in a queen-sized bed! He’s certainly made a new friend in officer Acerra, and mom professed her deep gratitude at what he managed to do for her family in a time of need. And it is a time of need in the US, and we NEED more people like officer Gaetano Acerra to help families struggling financially. Watch this uplifting tale in the video below – and share to get the word out!