13-Year-Old Rescues Abandoned Ducklings And Lets Them Play Around In Her Bathtub

Every year, hundreds of bunnies, chicks, and ducklings are purchased as Easter toys and part time pets. It’s a sad fact that most of these animals will be discarded not long after the holiday is over, left to fend for themselves.

The four ducklings in the video below were used this way, then left outside without water, food, or shelter. Thankfully, a neighbor woman noticed the ducklings before it was too late. She snuck them into her car, then drove them to Happy Hen Chicken Rescue in California.

Founded by then 11 year old Zoe Rosenberg two years ago, Happy Hen primarily rescues chickens, but Rosenburg was happy to welcome them as soon as she heard of their plight.

First thing after they arrived, Rosenburg gave them a bath. These four cuties were totally thrilled with the warm water and the attention.  “To them, swimming feels just as natural as walking,” Rosenberg said. “I think their bath yesterday was the highlight of their weekend.”

As much as she liked the ducklings, she knew they would need more care than she could provide. She conjured up a great plan, and soon introduced the ducklings to a pair of geese in a nearby sanctuary. The geese immediately took to the ducklings, and it seems like the group will have a great life together.

Check out the video of Rosenburg and these sweet duckling below! What did you think? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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