13-Year Old Singer Forget Words During National Anthem

Lauralie Mufute, 13-years-old, repeatedly tries to get through the anthem, but the 14,000 fans inside Newark’s Prudential Center help her out with the lyrics. What an epic showing of teamwork and fan unity at its best.

It’s an honor to be chosen to sing the National Anthem before a packed stadium filled with enthusiastic fans. Unfortunately, Lauralie Mufute had trouble remembering the lines in the middle of the song. Fortunately, the crowd comes into her rescue. This incident happened during an NHL game between the New Jersey Devils and the San Jose Sharks.

When she found herself in disarray, Ms. Mufute gave it another try, but her struggle continued. This is when an energetic crowd of 14,000 people joined and helped her finish up the anthem with style. What could be an extreme disappointment for the teen turned out to be a source of grit and inspiration.