$130 viral Christmas advert from Hafod Hardware promotes happy holidays

Holiday advertising is always fun to go through. But it isn’t always the biggest brand that hits the hardest.

It starts with a shot of a normal house, early in the morning. A young kid wakes up and begins his day. But instead of going to school, he goes to work.

As the commercial moves forward, you begin to think that the young kid might be a store helper. But instead of being a tiny helper, it turns out that the kid is an essential worker.

He walks around the shop helping customers and wrapping gifts. Always with a smile on his face, his customers reflect the same enthusiasm. It is infectious, and even transcends the commercial itself.

Hard work and happiness during the holidays are a joy to watch. As a viewer, it brings about a deep excitement that can only be teased by this type of brilliant marketing.

By the time he clocks out and turns into an adult, most viewers have already figured out the meaning of the advert. With a backing music track that is worthy in its own right, Hafod Hardware really went all out with this Christmas campaign. During the holidays, everyone is young at heart and can’t wait to pass that enjoyment onto others.

$130 viral Christmas advert from Hafod Hardware promotes happy holidays