These 14 Ducks Lived Their Entire Life In A Hoarding Case. When They Get Released? LOL!

The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in High Falls, New York, recently rescued an adorable group of ducks, only to realize that the poor animals had never swam in actual water before. So the crew grabbed a camera, gathered up the ducks and headed off to the pond for a day of excitement!

The ducks don’t take to the water right away, sticking together like a group of frightened pre-schoolers. But once they jump down the mini-waterfall and into the water they were born for, you’d think these ducks would be happier than ever. But what happens next is unexpected and hilarious!

Sometimes all it takes is one brave person (or duck) to try something new, and the rest will simply follow along. Once the first duck starts jumping around and playing, finally the others begin to run in and take a dip themselves.

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