14-Year old boy does extreme justice to Alicia Keys’ song during his audition on ‘Voice Kids’

Lukas Oscar Janisch performing on The Voice Kids

Some singing performances tug at your heartstrings and give you goosebumps. Such performances aren’t limited to prominent music artists but also to some exceptional contestants on reality shows.

There was one such exhilarating performance on The Voice Kids. Just like The Voice, the kids’ version works similarly. First, there is a blind audition where the judges don’t face the stage. Then, if the judges want a contestant in their team, they can press their buzzer to turn around and see the singer singing.

During The Voice Kids Season 4, the audience and judges were in for a treat when a boy named Lukas Oscar Janisch went onstage. First, he sat on his piano and started playing the mellow notes. Then, he broke into his melodious voice and sang the song “Fallin’” by Alicia Keys.

Lukas Oscar Janisch performing on The Voice Kids

Lukas’ confident and unique voice impressed the judges and the audience too. Every judge sat there with a baffled expression, wondering who this talented kid was. And well, curiosity got the best of one of the judges when she pressed the buzzer to turn around.

The talented little musician went on with his singing as his family cheered him along. He covered every part of the song, high or low, with equal perfection and intensity.

Apart from the original notes, Lukas added a bit of his magical touch by contributing innovative vocals runs to the original song. This certainly was a pleasant twist that got the other two judges to smash their buttons as well and compete for his excellent singing.

Despite being as young as 14, Lukas proved that you can always impact people with your talent and hard work, no matter how old you are. He also went on to become the winner of the season!

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