14-year-old has judges open-mouthed with her amazing opera performance

“I thought that that was honestly incredible, and your 14-years-old, and you don’t know how good you are”. When Simon Cowell says words like that, you know that he is addressing someone very special. In 2017 the “Britain’s Got Talent” television programs stage was graced with the presence of a 14-year-old school girl from Co Meath in Ireland. This amazing young woman entered the stage with all the confidence of a professional, yet remained extremely humble when talking to the judges. When asked if she thought that she could win the show, she said that she had as much chance as anyone else, but there is always someone better than you. Amazing words from a 14-year-old. Her maturity would soon shine through when she started her performance.

Her name is Leah Barniville, and it is a name that we should all be watching for in the very near future. This very talented-teen has been singing since she could talk and has had classical training as it will be plain to see when you watch the clip below. Leah is extremely family orientated and was accompanied to the audition by her parents, aunty and younger brother Daniel. When asked if she had performed on stage before, Leah said “Yes, but nothing like this”. Even though she had not faced such a huge crowd as the one she would be performing in front of on the program, she didn’t seem to be phased at all by what stood before her.

As soon as the music started and she sang the first notes of her chosen piece, you could see all eyes widen as everyone in the theatre realized just what a talent they were seeing. The camera focused on Simon who was clearly blown away by what he was hearing. Leahs’ stage presence was flawless as was her delivery of the very difficult piece, and to top it all off she sung in Italian. The crowd were in awe of this so-young-songbird, even her little brother Daniel was in tears as she held the entire audience in her hands.

Once the piece had finished, everyone in the room were on their feet applauding this amazing young woman’s performance. When it came time for the judges to make a decision it was a huge unanimous vote from all four of them with an obviously impressed Cowell saying “A billion percent YES” an amazing complement from a man that is not that easily pleased.

Click on the link below and see for yourself just what a natural and beautiful young girl Leah is. Her ambitions will undoubtedly be filled one day in the not too distant future, and I can only say that the world is most definitely her oyster.