You go, Dads! This Father-Baby dance has everyone cheering them on

Ever see a room full of fathers dancing in sync with their babies? Did you ever think there was really a full program dedicated to just that? Well in this video you are going to see it in action, and let us tell you that this is no mediocre dance class. Please check out ‘Groovaroo’ in the video clip below, showcasing dads and their dance partner infants, but before you do, let me share these tidbits with you:

‘Groovaroo’ Dance Classes were started by couple Meeshi and Amber Anjali after they had their first baby boy. The classes are aimed at deepening the bonds between parent and child very early on. The class shown in the video below is specific to fathers and assists them in becoming closer to their children.

This routine can enhance the relationship between father and child, and also prove to be a fantastic fitness routine for new dads and moms. Every parent knows that the arrival of a newborn will bring any exercise routine to a screeching halt!

This is how the program works. You strap your infant into a carrier across your chest and get grooving to the music. It looks like this room full of fathers is more than willing to shake it down and have a great time doing so. How sweet they are! My heart is full of delight watching this.

In a time where life is so incredibly busy, this program is a great way to make some quality time for the family. Usually, people wouldn’t think of dancing as a way of spending time with your family, but who knew how relaxing it could really be? Please see the video clip below and as always share it with family and friends and let us know what you think in the comments section.