15 incredible Christmas commercials that will tug at your heartstrings

The holiday season brings wonderful traditions, songs, films, and even commercials into our lives!

And while many Christmas commercials tug at the heartstrings and make us feel the Christmas spirit, a few are simply the best.

So let’s dive into the 15 best Christmas commercials ever!

1. Folgers Coffee – “Peter Comes Home For Christmas”

This Folgers Christmas commercial is a classic that ran from 1985 to 1998 and made more than a few of us tear up!

2. M&M’s – “Meeting Santa”

Love when Christmas commercials make you laugh? No one does it better than M&Ms!

3. Hershey’s – “Holiday Bells”

Simple, yet effective! Hershey’s used their little chocolate kisses to sing the world a song they love.

4. Coca-Cola “Catch”

Coca-cola loves to make great Christmas commercials. And with their signature polar bears, this one is sure to make you smile.

5. John Lewis – “The Long Wait”

As one of the sweetest commercials ever, John Lewis reminds us all that giving is just as exciting as receiving on Christmas.

6. Sainsbury’s – “1914”

Set during WW1, the two sides of the trenches stop fighting if only for a moment, to share in the Christmas spirit together.

7. Campbell’s – “Snowman”

An absolute classic: Campbell’s soup warms the body and soul at Christmas time, even enough to melt a snowman!

8. Apple – “Frankie’s Holiday”

When Frankenstein makes his way into town to play a Christmas carol off his iPhone, you will both laugh and cry at how sweet this commercial is.

9. Kellogg’s – “Merry Christmas”

Kellogg’s uses this heartwarming commercial to remind us of when we were too excited to see Santa on Christmas Eve and, of course, how delicious their cereal is!

10. Virgin Hotels — Good Enough

Some of the best Christmas commercials use current events to make everyone laugh. And in 2020, Virgin Hotels told everyone that Santa thinks they did “good enough” this year!

11. Budweiser

Budweiser has some of the best Christmas commercials of all time, but the original ad from 1987, which showed their famous Clydesdales walking through the snow, is absolutely timeless.

12. Lego – “And I Think to Myself…”

This commercial shows the creativity of what Lego can offer and the amazing imagination of children. It is heartwarming and fun, all at the same time!

13. Hallmark – “Tom’s Coming Home”

Another classic, this time from Hallmark, the commercial where “Tom’s Coming Home” is almost like a short film which reminds us what Christmas is really all about, family.

14. Marks and Spencer – “Christmas With Love from Mrs. Claus”

This is a beautiful story about a young boy who sends a letter to not Mr. but Mrs. Claus for help bringing his sister a present. And the secret life of Mrs. Claus is a lot more surprising than you might think!

15. Amazon – “Kindness, The Greatest Gift”

Amazon reminds everyone that sending a little something can mean everything if it’s just what they need this holiday season.

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15 incredible Christmas commercials that will tug at your heartstrings