15-Month-Old Baby Girl Saved from Treacherous Highway! Brave Bryant Collins Saves the Day!

Babies have always been quite the explorers. From learning to crawl, to first steps. First steps to walking, every age is just such a joyous experience. Filled with learning and love, once kids start moving, they never really stop! I’m sure most parents have felt like they, too, never really stop. Not when their kiddo is around at least.

Collins is an auto mechanic. He tows and works on cars at a local garage. It was another beautiful day for Bryant, as he drove along the highway. Yet…in the distance Bryant spots something. Someone. A young toddler was making a straight bee-line for the highway. Bryant did a double take, surely, he had been out in the sun too long. Maybe he was finally losing it. Collins checked both his mirrors and put on his hazards as he inched closer and closer to the daredevil in diapers.

As soon as he could, Bryant jumped out of the car and rushed over to make sure the lucky sighting didn’t turn into a sad scene out of a Tarantino film. “What are you doing?” Collins asked the 15-month-old. Trying to calm the somewhat fussy young girl. He immediately called the police and waited, however with her fussy streak continuing, Collins had to soothe this sweet baby, so he did what always worked for him- gospel music. The fussiness seemed to stop almost instantly, as they enjoyed the beautiful hymns and songs.

The negligent father in this almost deadly outcome was arrested shortly thereafter. The mother, once found, will also be jailed or made to do time. Bryant is just happy he could do good in the community, he thought it was fair, and in fact easy to do the right things. “It’s just as easy to do good deeds as it is easy to do bad things,” Collins comments.

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