15 US Airmen walk onstage and deliver stunning performance

Marching bands have long been a part of the culture and traditions of the armed services, but that isn’t the only music to be found in the military.

A case in point is “In the Stairwell,” a group of a capella singers at the United States Air Force Academy. Their mission goes beyond mere singing.

One member of In the Stairwell notes, “It’s not really about us. It’s not even about our music. It’s about the lives that we can impact on this great stage that we’ve been given.”

In the Stairwell made it on to season 12 of “America’s Got Talent.” After you see the performance they delivered, you won’t wonder why — check out the video that’s posted below.

Their emotional, action-packed interpretation of Ed Sheeran’s “Castle On The Hill” earned them cheers from the audience and high praise from the panel of judges.

Simon’s recap: “Well, what can I say, guys? This is such an improvement from where we first met you… This time I genuinely felt that you meant it, that you believe it, that you believe in yourself…

You’re not professional singers, but that’s part of your charm. It’s the fact that you don’t do the obvious, that you’re decent people, and you’re friends — and this is important for us and the show. I thought you did great.”

Mel B was also much impressed: “Just as a group that sings so well together, you touch me, you make me emotional because I know how hard you practice and I know that you can’t believe you’re here, for a start…

You sound incredible, you really, really do. I can’t tell you enough. I want to say, and I am so glad you kept the cheesy, awkward choreography. That is my favorite! You’re brilliant, boys. Well done!”

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