15-Year-Old Girl’s Lovely ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ Rendition Is Capturing Hearts During Quarantine

As America hunkers down amidst the coronavirus pandemic, new musical arrangements seem to be popping up every day as families come together to spend quality time and get their creative energy out. Even amongst the abundance of artistry, one young girl’s take on a Judy Garland classic has been taking the internet by storm.

The best things in music happen when people come together, as Mat and Savanna Shaw of Utah are illustrating in their recent musical collaborations. Turning their forced quarantine into quality time spent together, the father-daughter duo has been churning out one video after the other, with almost immediate internet praise.

The idea came to be when, in the absence of Savanna’s choir practices and concerts due to schools being closed, she and her father began singing at home and putting on their own “virtual” concerts, all with one central theme in mind – hope will get us through this crisis.

With song selections such as ‘The Prayer’ and, most recently, ’Somewhere Over The Rainbow,’ it’s obvious that the pair are succeeding on their mission of spreading hope during a time of global distress. As put perfectly by Mat, they will continue to make music together to spread with the world because “the only thing more contagious than a virus is hope.”