15 years ago she rescued a pony. Watch what happened after all those years! Too beautiful!

In the world today there are literally countless cases of animal neglect. Animals are not entirely safe in any region on Earth. The type and frequency of abuse for each species of animal would depend on the culture of a region. The British Isles are horse countries. There are farms and stables all over the land that keep horses for horse racing operations to all sorts of working horses. For all that, there arises a particular need for horse welfare and rescue organizations.

The World Horse Welfare has a major base in the UK. This video is the story of Xanthe the pony and Ann the Scottish mountaineer who adopted her. Before she was Xanthe, she was a neglected pony. Luckily she found her way to World Hose Welfare who rehabilitated her and put her up for adoption, and the rest was all she wrote.

In this video Xanthe goes through all sorts of terrain from flat to severe inclines. It recalled the very first journey that Ann and Xanthe made together all the way back in 2009, a 50-mile trip spanning multiple days with Xanthe pulling Ann on a small cart, and today, they have graduated to making 200 miles in one shot over the breathtaking northern Scottish terrain.

Ann knows every one of Xanthe’s predilection, ability, and body signal. Near the end Ann starts to talk about Xanthe’s ways of tackling the hilly inclines. She would from a trot to a canter depending on the gradient. And if the going got too rough, Xanthe would half turn around and give the saddest look to signal for help. Priceless!