What She Did with 15,000 Domino Tiles Will Take Your Breath Away! Amazing!

You are about to witness a breathtaking Domino track that is not only intricately complicated but also the world’s most eco-friendly. Get ready to be thrilled and impressed.

It took this talented professional Domino artist called Lily Hevesh a full 25 hours over eight days to set this thing up. The most common reaction to it was: Did it take you 25 hours?

The question came up not out of doubt, but of disbelief that it took only 25 hours. Take me for example, I know I can spend 25 hours a week watching college and pro football, but this?

These tiles are packed so darn close together that someone is bound to knock one over and foul it all up.  Now, go ahead, play the clip, and hang on! It’s like a roller-coaster ride, and that’s no exaggeration.

This thing twists and turns and shouts and jumps up and skips and drops, this is mind-bending and mind-blowing stuff! The clip has got over 17 million views in two short months.

It took 15,000 Domino tiles to set this up. This setup is eco-friendly because nothing would go to waste. The tiles can be split up into hundreds of Domino sets for donations to jails and prisons and other institutions where the inmates have a lot of time to kill. How cool is that?

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Mesmerizing, wasn’t it? Now, remember: That was 15,000 dominoes. Now watch 250,000 dominoes falling… IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE! I kid you not. Watch:

What She Did with 15,000 Domino Tiles Will Take Your Breath Away! Amazing!