15,000 Dominoes Were Painstakingly Stacked To Create a Stunning Design – Only to Be Toppled Over

The use of color and patterns to create entrancing designs has been popular for millennia. More recent is the love of adult coloring books that present some mesmerizing patterns. Mandala coloring is particularly popular. The pattern created by the girl in our video is made with dominoes. In fact, it uses 15,000 dominoes. And we think these dominoes take colorful spiral design to a whole new level.

People who are into designing are probably some of the most patient and talented people out there. Intricate designs take a lot of time to create and require loads of imagination and inspiration. Take, for example, the video given below.


Using dominoes to make detailed artwork needs unbelievable dedication from the inventor’s side. This genius designer must have had her heart in her mouth for the whole 25 hours that it took to make her design a reality. How on earth did she keep her fingers steady amid all that tension? We don’t think we could manage 15, let alone 15,000.

Just imagine how amazing it must feel to finish stacking a brilliant design and then stand there mesmerized and relieved, before putting on show-stopping ‘toppling over’ performance. We think she should have sold tickets.


This beautiful triple spiral domino is made up of 15,000 colorful pieces of small plastic dominoes. According to the girl who made this, she spent around 25 hours spread over an eight-day period to build this massive structure. What a dedicated artist she is. She sure looks and sounds proud when it’s all over.

15,000 Dominoes Were Painstakingly Stacked To Create a Stunning Design – Only to Be Toppled Over