These 16 Adorable Basenji Puppies Make The Perfect Companions To Celebrate National Pet Day!

With National Pet Day coming up, you know that a whole bunch of cute videos featuring adorable pets will be coming your way. What better way to remind us why having furry companions is so good for us.

You will see 16 Basenji puppies in this video having an absolute blast with a four year old and the other family members. When I watched the little fur balls crawl all over him, my heart just melted. This puppy play date includes puppies who are just 4 -5 weeks old! There are lots of cute puppy videos, but this one is just too adorable to not share with you.

I know that cute videos of dogs and cats go viral, but that’s for a reason. I mean, look at their adorable cute furry faces and tiny uncertain legs as they look for food or affection or their curious little selves explore the tiny world they inhabit for now.

Featured on the YouTube channel Rumble Viral, this video will make you feel like cuddling or hugging one of these cute pups! There’s nothing like puppy therapy to really get your mood right, even if you’re having Monday morning blues.

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