16 Dogs Form An X On The Field. But Wait Till You See What THOSE Humans Do! Unbelievable!

Golden Retrievers are known to be one of the most intelligent breeds of dog in the world, and one of the most devoted. They have incredible personalities as well and they really know how to please their human companions. The video below features 16 different well-trained Golden Retrievers that are going to leave you in awe with what they do next!

All of these dogs are the members of a display team. They do a fantastic job at showing their intelligence and obedience in this clip. This was carried out by the Southern Golden Retriever Display Team in 2010. There are a few setbacks along the way, but they managed to wow their audience nonetheless. After all of their hard work and efforts, they get treats as well, of course! We all know how motivated dogs are by treats.

Their trainers get them in the formation of an X on the field, and then they walk away from them. All of the dogs sit obediently in formation. Well, for a few seconds anyway. There’s always one in every crowd, right? It’s so cute.

No matter which one gets off track, the handler always gets his focus back with a treat. It’s hilarious to watch. I nearly every formation, there is one dog that gets distracted. But these dogs are so smart and so cute, we can forgive them for anything, can’t we?

Watch this incredible video below! What did you think about their display? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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