Her 16 Dogs Are Waiting So Patiently To Eat. But Watch The Labrador At The Back LOL!

This woman has obviously spent a great deal of time training her sixteen dogs. Despite what some people suggest, it is clearly not just the tone of voice that dogs recognise but they hear each different syllable as well… else how would they recognise their own names?

When it is time to eat, she calls them each one by one. Even though all their doggy instincts must be telling them to ‘go eat’ these lovely well-behaved and extremely polite dogs have got turn-taking down to a fine art.

And so, right on cue, each one waits patiently until his or her name is called. We reckon there are a few humans that would do well to look and learn from these adorable hounds.

But… the lab right at the back isn’t quite as well-behaved as his kennel mates. He hilariously has his back turned to her making us all wonder what is really going on in his mind. It seems there’s always one clown in the bunch – and Echo the Labrador is certainly is bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Even his owner can’t help but burst out laughing. What a funny dog!

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