16 Yr Old Mare Got Pregnant. But Her Ultrasound Took The Vets By SURPRISE! This Is SO RARE!

You can never really tell what Mother Nature will throw at you. This unpredictability isn’t always a bad thing though. Sometimes she really surprises you in a beautiful way! That is what happened when vets took a look at a mare named Tiki’s ultrasound!

Tiki is a 16-year-old American Paint horse. Despite being so old, she was able to get pregnant. Expecting offspring at her age was already surprising, but vets were actually taken aback by her ultrasound. She was carrying twin foals! The chances of occurrence of twin foals is actually very slim at about 1 in 10,000.

But when they saw she was pregnant with two foals, their concern was that she could not carry them to term or that one or both would not be born alive. But this mare surprised everyone! Such an old mare carrying a full term and delivering two very healthy foals came as a surprise for everyone around her!

The two foals are really beautiful, but they were smaller than the average foal, of course. They are doing fine and so is their mother. Tiki’s owners took very good care of her during her pregnancy and kept a very close eye on her. They did several ultrasounds to keep an eye on the twins. When they were both born alive, everyone was relieved.

Because of their small size, Tiki’s family figures they will be ponies rather than full size horses, but they are really beautiful and sweet. I’m sure they will make this family and many little riders very happy. What an amazing experience for this family and for 16-year-old Tiki!

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