17-month-old twin boys are deeply engaged in conversation in the kitchen! Look at these cute babies connect! Mind-blowing!

To adults, it may seem to be meaningless chatter, but that doesn’t mean that what toddlers communicate to each other is without meaning. In fact, they have their own special way of communicating amongst themselves and in their own unique language. Some glance at each other and that alone suffices to be a signal for a call to specific action. Not that you’d comprehend what they’re saying if spoken loudly but others murmur soft indistinct utterances that are inconceivable to everyone else but them. Twins, who, because of being together since conception and have been close to each other in the womb have an added advantage in this regard. Why wouldn’t they? After all, they’ve literally had the same life experiences for nine months. Most times, it seems that they are just enjoying each other’s company and exchanging banter.

In the video featured below, a set of twin boys are engaged in an animated discussion full with awesome expressions and cute rejoinders. You just have to look at their level of concentration and attentiveness to know that sounds like jabbering to us, actually does make sense to them. They don’t look like they’ll suffer ADD in future- they’re deeply immersed in conversation.
Some people have expressed that the one holding on to the fridge is telling his brother the awesomeness in walking without a sock on one foot. With diapers only, they look like wrestlers in the changing room after an exciting duel against a different set of twins. One, we would imagine, is telling the other about the occurrences of the said match.

I picture their parents showing them this video when they are all grown-up. They’d probably be inspired to develop a baby talk code only understood by them thus strengthening their bond. Is there anything better than secrets between twins?

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