17 year-old cat loses everything. Beaten and abandoned, she got a new beginning

A cat named Cinnamon was 17 years old when her life was turned upside down. Her human parents were an old couple who died within months of each other. Their feline friend ended up with relatives who abused and mistreated her. Cinnamon was in bad shape when she was picked up by SCARS, an animal rescue organization in Greece. SCARS describes itself as “a group of volunteers with experience, love and respect for animals and their rights in the urban environment. We are your neighbors, your colleagues, the people next door who keep our eyes and ears a little more open when it comes to taking care of stray animals.”

Cinnamon was so traumatized that for months she wanted nothing at all to do with her rescuers. When they came into her room to feed her and clean up, she’d stay as far from them as possible and stare at them hatefully. As one volunteer who was determined to reach out to Cinnamon said, “I’ve never seen an angrier cat in my life. She was furious, confused, and so lonely.”

It turned out that Cinnamon had pancreatic cancer and it looked like she was going to die alone among strangers she hated. In the following months, the cat became only slightly less hostile, although she got along relatively well with the shelter’s oldest volunteer. Eventually another volunteer was able to pet Cinnamon and it turned into a long session of caressing and nuzzling. “I was in awe and so was she, I think.” That broke the wall down. Cinnamon started being friendly with everyone at the shelter, greeting them warmly at the door and happily playing with them. “We love her and she loves us back. And that love will be the last thing she remembers from that weird and difficult journey that was her life.”

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