This 17 Year Old Dog Is Deaf, But Watch What He Does When Mom Takes Him To A Rock Concert

Dogs never cease to amaze us, especially older dogs that still seem to enjoy life. They are our best friends and there is nothing that they won’t do to remind us of that through their loyalty and devotion to caring owners. Take this dog in this video, for example. Even though he is old and completely deaf, he does something that even his owner never expected to see. This will leave you in hysterics.

According to the video description, Beril S, the owner of this dog, was walking with her West Highland Terrier through her local city center when they heard a loud rock music performance. Apparently a Liberation Day rock concert was taking place in this city center, and lots of people were out celebrating. But when they came closer to the music, her dog started pulling his owner closer towards the band. And let me remind you again, this dog is 17 years old and is completely deaf. This West Highland Terrier was not to be outdone by any dancer at the concert. He immediately began to respond to the vibrations of the music by jumping up and down in a circle, and he did this for quite some time. He sure is energetic for a dog who is 17!

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