After 18 Years, This Woman Meets This Chimpanzee And Gets A Little Too Close

Back in the day, animals were subject to all sorts of experiments with few laws preventing this type of cruelty. The animals typically have no idea what’s going on, and it can be scary for them and quite inhumane of the people locking them up. When Linda Koebner was 23, she was given the opportunity to take part in a special project featuring chimpanzees who were locked up for six years. The animals were about to be freed, and Linda was put in charge of being their surrogate mother, allowing them to become comfortable with the wild and serving as a source of comfort for them as they acclimated.

It’s not hard to imagine the anxiety one would feel after being caged up for so long. It’s bad enough to think about it as a human being, but for an animal who has no idea what’s going on or why, it’s likely a terrifying experience. Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent, and being locked up for years wasn’t only harmful for them physically, but mentally as well. When they were expected to go out into the wild and be on their own, they were nervous and unsure of what to expect.

For four years, Linda took on two foster chimps, Doll and Swing. When these two monkeys were ready to head back into their natural habitat, it was time for them to say goodbye to their mom. It was surely a sad moment, and Linda was sure she would never see her foster chimps again.

As it turned out, Linda would encounter them one more time. Since she didn’t think they’d have any idea of who she was, she was in for a surprise when these chimps recognized her after 18 years. Watch the video to see their adorable reaction for yourself. Then, share this video with your friends and leave a comment below!