189-year-old senior tortoise enjoys a warm bath

This 189-year-old tortoise needed his shell washed, and his buddy Joe the vet lent a hand. Their friendship is so sweet!

On the small island of St Helena, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, there lives Jonathan, a 189-year-old giant tortoise desperately in need of a bath.

This national treasure is the oldest living land animal alive today. It’s no surprise, then, that after nearly 200 years his shell was in need of a little TLC.

That’s where his buddy Joe Hollins comes in. Joe is Jonathan’s personal vet and devised a method to safely clean the enormous shell safely, using non-abrasive materials.

Using gentle circular motions, Joe manages to breathe new life into Jonathan’s old shell. It really is amazing how clean it looks when he’s finished with it!

Jonathan doesn’t seem to mind one bit as he munches on grass and plods around happily, relaxing in the sun. In fact, he seems to really enjoy it!

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189-year-old senior tortoise enjoys a warm bath