19 Puppies Born On The 19th From Massive Cane Corso Is Unbelievable

The birth of new baby animals is always a special occasion, but when this litter of puppies arrived, the owner couldn’t believe his eyes.

Kira, the massive Cane Corso, gave birth to a total of nineteen puppies on the 19th of January 2019, fathered by Pharaoh, who was also born on the 19th of January. What a strange coincidence and equally enormous difference from the two to three puppies that are typically expected.

This proud mother managed to raise the whole litter but needed a little help filling in with formula and food. Despite the huge size of this family, all the puppies are treated with warmth and avid attention.

While litters of this size are extremely rare, they’re not unheard of. Kira gave birth to a healthy litter without complications, but smaller dogs often require the presence and help of a vet.