1966 Batman’s Star-Studded Window Encounters

‘Batman’ was a live-action TV series based on the DC Comics character starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin. 120 episodes aired on ABC for three seasons from 1966 through 1968. The superhero duo would often climb walls, leading to window cameos by some of the biggest names in the show business.

When Batman and Robin climb a building quietly, they come across a window that Jerry Lewis opens. He looks shocked and asks, “Are you Batman? Oh, you must be, ’cause that’s Robin.” Batman reassures him and tells Jerry not to worry because they are on official business. Jerry slams the window shut, saying, “Holy human flies!’

Another impressive cameo happened when the duo climbed down the building in broad daylight. Dick Clark opens the window and asks, “Who are you?” Batman identifies Dick as a man from Philadelphia. Dick asks how he knew that, and Batman says, “You dipped your diphthong. People from Philadelphia are known for that.” Dick asks if they’re a vocal group because of their goofy costumes!

The following cameo features Van Williams and Bruce Lee playing the role of ‘The Green Hornet’ and ‘Kato.’ They ask what Batman is doing, and he tells them he’s stopping crime. The two guest stars respond and tell them that they don’t want to hold him back, and they wish him luck. Robin turns to Batman after the window shuts and asks why the two guests were in such weird outfits.

Famed singer Sammy Davis Jr. opens his window and exclaims! When he asks what they are doing, Batman says, “Just routine crime fighting.” Sammy invites them inside while he rehearses, but Batman refuses and thanks him, noting that the pursuit of justice allows them few diversions.

Comedian and actor Bill Dana pops his head out of a window at night. Batman asks his name, and Bill does his classic character, saying, “Oh, my name is Jose Jimenez. And whom I ask, are you two nice people climbing down the side of this building when the elevators are available?” Batman identifies himself, and Bill says he’s on a jury trying to decide what to do with a nasty criminal.

The cameos don’t stop there! Other window guests include Howard Duff, Werner Klemperer, Ted Cassidy, Don Ho, Andy Devine, and even Art Linkletter gets into the action through the window. You wouldn’t expect to see Edward G. Robinson, Aileen Mehle, or Cyril Lord either, but they’re all featured in the best window cameos from ‘Batman.’

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1966 Batman\'s Star-Studded Window Encounters