In 1966, Simon & Garfunkel Sang THIS Legendary Song Onstage. WOW!

Simon & Garfunkel was one of the best duos that ever set foot into the music industry. Despite their many differences, this folk rock pair managed to provide their audience with some truly incredible music. I was heartbroken when they split up and I am sure many of you were too. Simon & Garfunkel reunited several times after their split, but I guess it will never be the same.

This video was recorded 4 years before their split in 1970. They appeared live on TV on a show called “Let’s Sing Out” in February 17, 1966. The show brought artists from the USA and Canada to university campuses all over Canada. They sang one of their biggest hits, “The Sound Of Silence,” and Paul Simon even explains the song during the performance.

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