1967 Advertisement for Rambler Gives Remarkable Glimpse Into Past

Over the years, there have been some incredible automobiles to hit the pavement. The Rambler was known as one of American’s most affordable cars that didn’t sacrifice a luxurious design for the price tag.

The 1967 advertisement for the vehicle will bring you back in time with the intense narration and editing that was shockingly good for the era. Filmed on the set of what looks to be a circus, you can’t help but smile when thinking of The Rambler.

The classic footage shows how fast the car is, that it can make sharp turns, and promotes “four on the floor.” If you ever owned one of these bad boys, you’ll know how great of a vehicle it was for the amount you paid.

While it was eventually be replaced by the Hornet that was more compact, we can’t forget the Rambler that served many families over the years. The dramatic advertisement shows that you didn’t need a ton of money to have a cool and convenient car in the 60s.