Elvis Intentionally Sings the Wrong Lyrics and Then Can’t Stop Laughing Himself

As you know, Elvis was loved for his charisma, confidence, and charm. Women swooned, men envied. Everyone loved Elvis and his songs. If you’re a die-hard fan or saw The King perform in person, you know that it wasn’t uncommon for him to improvise and change some lyrics to his songs.

So when he was singing “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” in Las Vegas in 1969, Elvis made a single change to the song’s lyrics that sent him into a laughing fit so bad he couldn’t sing anymore. Which line did Elvis change? Instead of singing the heartfelt words, “Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there?” he sang something much more hilarious.


“Do you gaze at your bald head and wish you had hair?” he sang and instantly chuckled at his creative playing with words. Caught up with Elvis, a man in the front row removes his wig and starts swaying to the music. Elvis had not expected this, and he couldn’t help but get carried away by the hilarity of the whole thing. Elvis completely loses it. He laughs throughout the entire song and can’t finish it.

Not only are Elvis’ laughs contagious, so are his giggles. But you have to note the professionalism of his solo backing singer, Cissy Houston (Whitney Houston’s mom). Her defiance of the laughter only made Elvis crack up even more.

A live recording of the performance – laughter and all – was released in 1980 and became a Top 30 UK hit. We dare you not to laugh along with The King.

Elvis Intentionally Sings the Wrong Lyrics and Then Can\'t Stop Laughing Himself