2 Adorable Hedgehogs Have Hilarious Time in Bowling Game

It’s safe to say; pets entertain us as much as we do them. Whether you’re playing fetch with your canine companion or trying to get your feline friend to follow a laser pointer, there are plenty of joys to owning an animal.

One man decided to put his creativity to the test when he made his two hedgehogs their very own bowling alley. Completely with bumpers and a full set of pins, these spikey little creatures were ready for a fun day of games.

Pepper is a well-known hedgehog who has an adorable little brother named Tucket. The two battle head-to-head for an exciting game of bowling. Their owner makes the entire thing so much funnier with his hilarious commentary.

Allowing each hedgehog to walk individually down the bowling lane, the multiple camera angles pick up how many pins they knockdown. It’s hard not to smile when these little cuties get into the action. Get your bets ready, because there’s a winner on the loose.

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2 Adorable Hedgehogs Have Hilarious Time in Bowling Game