2 Girls Are Playing With Their Pet When The IMPOSSIBLE Happens. Now See What Mom Did…

One of the most characteristic things about Moms is their ability to do a million things at the same time. Just think about all the things that a mother has to do every day just so that she and her family can get by without any issues! From making sure everyone gets out of bed and eats something before leaving, to making sure her children are always safe and sound, it never really ends.

When you have more than one child at the same time, this skill really gets put to the test. The ability to multi-task becomes essential when your goal is to have more than one child with you, because every task becomes even more challenging when you factor two or more possible sources of hijinks and messes.

But the best thing about moms is how they always manage to pull it off in the end, no matter what. In the video below, Joy Enriquez is seen taping her two daughter as they play by a fish tank. When one of the girls accidentally trips and makes the tank fall over, Mom has to use her amazing maternal reflexes to save the whole thing without making a mess. Moms are practically super-heroes!

Watch this cute moment for yourself in the video just below here.

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