2 girls start doing an Irish dance, but then are joined by an entire group that steals the show!

Do you know when traditional Irish dancing has its roots? Not many people know this, but it is said to have its origins in the 13th century in Ireland. It became widespread throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. It became a symbol of their identity and their heritage. Despite all the years, the Irish dance has maintained its roots and used as a form of general entertainment.

The very first time I saw this dance performed, was not surprisingly during one St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The festivities were in full swing and I even had on the green blazer I had been saving for that particular day. Everyone at the office got to rest that day, so we could watch the parade and enjoy the day. Many people from my job met in one of the intersections.

We had kind of a competition to see who would be the best-dressed and the funniest accessory. It was a beautiful day and surprisingly, we were all on time for the parade (we are sometimes not on time for the office). We all went to see what the acts were going to be and sure enough, the first one was the Irish dance. I hadn’t seen one, but I was eager to watch it.

I really loved it. It is a dance that is not only beautiful but also has music that puts you in a very good mood. After that, I saw several ones but one that really caught my eye was one performed by the Fusion Fighters at the 2017 Irish Dance World Championships. Someone uploaded a video of them and it has been spreading like wildfire through the Internet. What makes their performance so good was that it had and modern moves that looked too good to be true.

The video starts with two talented female dancers. They take the stage dancing in perfect synchrony, they go off the stage and are followed by another pair who looks just like them. Then, they go off the stage and another almost identical pair follows. Next thing you know, not one pair but several dancers, both men and women take the stage, and things really start to get interesting. Just when you think that the dance is awesome, more dancers come to the stage and the audience senses something great is about to happen.

Then, they all leave the stage and before people can figure it out, a flood of men and women take the stage and deliver the most incredible performance the crowd has ever seen!