2 Grandmas Perform Hysterical “Coronavirus Blues” Song

Just about everyone in the world is focused on the coronavirus pandemic right now. It’s a scary time that many of us have no idea how to navigate. Thankfully, many people are bringing joy to others, including these two hilarious grandmothers.

Many people are stuck inside their homes until further notice. Self-quarantining is essential, it can leave you feeling bored out of your mind. While some may stay entertained by cleaning or putting together a puzzle, others get musical.

Two grandma’s who are stuck inside, grab their instruments, and make a hilarious song about this strange moment in history. With lyrics like, “Left my home about a quarter to four, looking for toilet paper and there ain’t no more. I’ve got the Coronavirus blues,” you can’t help but sing along.

Singing in what looks to be a laundry room, both of these ladies are not only funny but incredibly talented. In their own words, they’d tell you, “Self-quarantine is for the birds. What we gotta do is just flatten the curve.”

2 Grandmas Perform Hysterical \