2 Hedgehogs Have Adorable Bowling Tournament

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know they can come up with creative ways to have fun. While a dog might find it entertaining to tear up your favorite pair of loafers, these adorable pet hedgehogs have a more familiar way to keep themselves occupied.

Pepper is a beloved hedgehog who has started to gain a following on Youtube. Her little brother Tucker joined her for a captivating game of bowling. Hedgehogs are relatively athletic pets to own, and they require a lot of floor time to keep their bodies strong and healthy.

Their owner decided to narrate the exciting match and showed off his nifty at-home bowling lane. He takes it to the next level by having multiple camera angles that switch as his competitive pets take on the tournament.

You can’t help but smile when little Pepper runs down the bowling lane, knocking down her first four pins. It becomes a close match when Pepper scores 21 points, and Tucker trails behind with 19. You’ll have to see for yourself which spikey cutie comes home with the gold.