2 Officers Are Eating At Chili’s. When A Teenager Suddenly Puts THIS On Their Table

No question about it, police get a bad rep. Stories of corruption and excessive force have turned a lot of people against members of the police force, and they feel this missing support very much. Officer Rance Quinn has on the police force for over 20 years and recently spoke to news channel WDAF and said “It just seems like there’s a lot of anti-police type of activity going on I know we’re unwanted but it makes us feel like we’re under-appreciated.”

It’s very easy to lose sight of the fact that the good police far outnumber the bad. Unfortunately the bad ones are the ones that get the headlines and make the news while the good ones go unreported causing the whole system of service and protection to go undervalued.

Officer Rance Quinn was with Captain George Sims having lunch at Chili’s. Then a teenager dropped off a napkin with a note on it at their table before simply walking away. They were shocked when the saw the following on the napkin

“Thanks for keeping us safe”

The thoughtful teenager and her family had already left before the officers had a chance to thank her for the amazing gesture. What happened next has been more incredible because a viral video has followed up the story.  Check out this beautiful video below and see if it doesn’t move you to go out and hug the next cop you come across. We would love to hear from you in the comments section and please share this clip for awareness sake.

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