2 Parrots Start Chatting With Each Other, But When One Of Them Utters These Words? OMG!

When it comes to animals we all have our personal preferences. For many people the preferred animal is either a cat or dog. However, some people choose a less conventional animal for their ideal pet, something we are seeing more and more these days.

It is very popular these days to have a pet bird and we are starting to see why. It’s a common fact that we love to watch animal videos and until very recently most of the ones available to us were of cats and dogs. However, more and more videos featuring beautiful, talking birds are starting to pop up and we couldn’t be any more excited!

These videos are absolutely adorable and they definitely make you fall in love with these feathered critters! This featured video shows two Indian Ringneck Parrots, you’ll understand their name once you see them in the video. There is a green bird named Clover and a purple bird named Lavender, and both of these cuties not only know how to talk but love to talk.

In this video Clover and Lavender are chatting together and are saying some very cute things to one another. The two are just sitting on a perch chattering away together, apparently enjoying each other’s company very much. We just love seeing two animals getting along with each other like this!

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