2 parrots start talking to each other, but wait till you hear one of them say this! So cute!

Cats and dogs are two of the most famous pets in the world. But not everyone enjoys their company as much as the company of our feathered friends. Some people prefer birds over more traditional pets, but birds are quickly starting to fall into that category of “traditional pets.” Parrots are a popular choice, especially because they are really entertaining. You have probably watched many parrot videos before. This clip given below is one of them.

The cute parrots featured below are Indian ringnecks. The green one is called Clover, and the violet one is named Lavender. According to the owner, Lavender has a much larger vocabulary than Clover, but he decided not to use it when this video was taken. Maybe he’s a little bit camera shy.

Lavender and Clover are talking to each other in this clip. They say things like “What are you doing”, “I love you”, “Pretty bird”, and “Dottie, no!” Dottie is the name of the resident dog. Their conversation is really cute, and it’s clear they’ve learned a few things from their owner about getting the dog to behave.

At one point, Lavender kisses Clover and says, “I love you.” It is really sweet. These two are obviously good friends and companions for each other. It’s clear that their owner gives them a lot of praise and takes excellent care of them. The dog, however, might need some obedience training.

Watch this adorable video below! Did these cuties bring a smile to your face? Feel free to share what you think in the comments!


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