2 pit bulls pay a visit to a hospital, everyone taken by surprise

Pit bull dogs have been given a bad rap for years now, mainly due to the over-exaggerated view that they are a dangerous and aggressive breed. In some cases this may be true, but the majority of pit bulls are a loving and friendly dog. As with any dog, their behavior is a direct result of how they have been trained. You cannot blame a dog for misbehaving or being aggressive, it is the dog’s owners who are responsible for their behavior.

It is a sad fact the there are some states that have banned the ownership of this breed, and other states where the laws are extremely strict on the keeping of Pitt bulls as pets. If you have ever encounter a pit bull you will know just how friendly these miss-understood-mutts can be. They are a very inquisitive breed and love nothing more that exploring their surroundings. If you own a bit bull you will be totally aware that these dogs need a lot of exercise. Every day walks are a necessity to keep their minds and bodies on good shape. A bored dog is a dog that is going to get in trouble. One way or the other.

As you can probably imagine, if you were to come across two of these wonderful creatures wandering the streets, you may think that there would be cause for alarm. The question is, what would you do should a pair of lost pit bulls came into your workplace? In the video below this is just what happened. The canine-capers you are about to witness are so extraordinary that you will not believe your eyes.

This is the scenario. The staff at ”St Luke’s Anderson Campus” located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, were having a normal day, just like any other, when two lost pit bulls decided to pay them a visit. The vision shows the two cavorting-canines casually trot into the hospital, much to the surprise and amazement of all those who were witnessing this bizarre moment. Now St Luke’s, being part of a non-profit regional health network, is full of very understanding people. No-one seemed to be frightened of the prying-pair-of-poaches, in fact they even made sure that the dogs had a drink, no one wants a dehydrated-dog on their hands do they?

The two escapees even visited the pharmacy were they were on the lookout for some doggy treats. When you watch this amazing video, you will be absolutely surprised by the casualness of the dogs and there hosts. Everyone wanted to make sure these two intruders were A-OK until the police arrived to reunite them with their extremely worried owners.

The adventures of these two roaming-rouges will leave you with a smile on your face, not only because of the antics of a pair of lost dogs, but also at the kindness shown by the staff at St Luke’s hospital. A story which could have ended very badly for the dogs, but instead it is a story with very happy ending indeed.