When These 2 Sisters Started Singing “Silent Night,” I Could Only Stare At Them In Disbelief!

Lennon and Maisy is a musical duo that has been taking the world by storm with their incredible talent. These amazing sisters harmonize very well with one another and their beautiful voices never fail to leave their audience in awe of them and their talent. In this video, Lennon and Maisy sing a beautiful Christmas classic that will send shivers down your spine!

Lennon is 15 years old and Maisy Stella is only 11 years old. These sisters have managed to wow people all over the world with their talent. They are really popular on YouTube as well, and they have a large fan base in the internet community too. Their rendition of “Silent Night” will stun you for sure! This was recorded at the Tennessee State Capitol.

The two sisters are standing next to the state capitol’s Christmas tree and in this particular open area of the capitol building, the acoustics are perfect for their beautiful rendition of this Christmas classic. Lennon also plays the guitar in this clip. I have actually been to see another performance in this same room of the Tennessee State Capitol building, and it does seem to be a perfect venue.

These two really do a beautiful job harmonizing and singing a heartfelt version of “Silent Night.” They certainly are a talented duo and I think they have a bright future ahead of them.

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