2 Small Kittens Look Up At A Toy, But Look At The One On The Right…

You know, I believe we don’t give cats enough credit for their toughness. There’s just so many hardships that those poor feline friends have to endure, from spitting out hairballs, to annoying any dog that they can find, and don’t forget the large amount of naps that they have to take every day, there’s just too much to take care of. And to believe they have to do all that by themselves!

But there’s a little kitty that has seen everything. He’s still a tiny little fluff ball, and yet he has endured many challenges that the cat lifestyle has given to him. He has a ginger brother who is all hyperactive and excited to play with their new toy, but this kitty is beyond all that. He somehow doesn’t have any interest in playing, and just wants to rest from the stresses of life for a while.

One can hardly blame him, honestly, because really what else can a cat ever do? After playing around all day already, one has to have limits and give himself the time to rest from all of it. But don’t miss what happened to the sleepy kitty after his brother realized he was falling asleep!

Watch this adorable and hilarious kitty moment in the video we put for you right below.

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