2 tireless dogs have work to do, but keep an eye on the tiny fluffball in the corner…

Some might not realize it, but we’re very lucky to live in a world as full of dogs as ours. They’ve been alongside us since the very beginning, always cheering us up with their silly and adorable personalities, it’s as if life was brighter with them. Now that there’s lots of dogs all around the world; wherever humans are, there’s all sorts of different types and breeds of dogs, and each one has their own peculiarities.

Every type of dog has their own strengths and weaknesses, and the divide that the video below tackles is the difference between working dogs and dogs who just fool around as pets all day. The tiny Pekingese dog in the video below just knows that there’s more to life than just lying on your back all day, and he’s determined to do something about it!

His name is Percy, and he’s one of the most noble and adorable creatures that I have ever seen. He’s of a very particular type of dog, and something about him just looks adorably old-timey. The way he tries to herd the sheep is just fantastic, and it really just what his true spirit is!

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