2 Women Tried Stealing A Family’s Beach Gear. But Watch What Happened When Dad Saw Them

It is often said that cats and dogs are may be one of the worst mortal enemies in the world. Of course it is a stupid stereotype if there ever was one. We humans are masters at exaggerating. With all this stereotype against them, it is really awesome to see a video which shows extra love between these animals. The video below shows an adorable dog who is over the moon to get a chance to see his new friend. And who it is? A kitten.

This hilarious video features a conversation between the owner and his dog. They are talking about getting a new pet. The owner has meticulously dubbed the opinions of the dog in his own voice and it is really funny. The poor pooch wanted someone to play with, so his owner came up with a list of pet they could adopt. The moment he hears the word “kitten”, the dog’s reaction is super.